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Double Bear Premium Concentrates is a Colorado based Marijuana Infused Products (MIP) company.

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Doublebear is unlike all others.

Concentrates are a unique way to experience the flavors and effects. The source of the Cannabis dictates the product. Double Bear Concentrates are made from the exceptional flower produced by Terrapin Care Station. Double Bear Concentrates brings you the full flavor of your favorite strains and new blends created by technicians. However you consume concentrates, Double Bear offers a wide variety  of material types, and flavors for every pallet and -because we use state-of-the-art technology- EVERY BUDGET!

Our team has been putting in work

to keep up with all you Concentrate Connoisseurs!


Shatter – Double Bear’s shatter comes out of the oven resembling beautiful, transparent glass.  When working with CBD rich starting material or certain more resinous strains though, we aim for a sap product (a stickier, gooier version of shatter).


Wax – Our wax is produced in a variety of different forms: sugar, crumble & budder. Sugar wax is a form of concentrate that resembles a crystallized, sugar consistency. Crumble is a common form of wax in which the product crumbles and tends to be a tad drier than sugar or budder. Budder is our most common form of wax we offer, in which we carefully whip to achieve a creamy, butter-like consistency.

Upcoming carts and syringes – We will soon offer CO2 products in the form of vape cartridges and syringes for your smoking pleasure!

What Others Say

“There is absolutely no better concentrate that I have ever tried! You can taste and feel the quality like no others.”

– Jane Maryton

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We truly appreciate your feedback. In order to consistently produce the worlds finest concentrates we look to hear from and learn from you…the consumer. Thanks from all of us here at DoubleBear.

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